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Philosophical life coach, Pamela J. Hobart, visits The Stoa to discuss her philosophical life coaching practice, which is a practice that helps us determine our practical problems from our existential ones.


April 28th, 2021

From the previous entry on Game In-Between

It is also the game that requires the ability to hustle and the ability to surrender.

Getting into the right relationship with Resistance—the phrase from Steve Pressfield that describes the force that wants to keep things the same—will afford us the discernment to know when to hustle and when to surrender during Game In-Between. 

The Resistance sometimes gives good advice, sometimes bad advice. Sometimes you should heed its warnings, and stop doing what you are doing. Sometimes you should ignore its warnings, and find a way forward.

The more we potentialize, the more we create, and the more cool shit we will do at our knife’s edge. This will invite Resistance to show itself. If we are to get into the right relationship with reality, we will need to invite Resistance into our reality, and experience its different tastes.

Resistance connoisseurs are what we live players playing Game In-Between will become.


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