Get Better

Hey everyone,

I wanted to provide a quick update about the Metagame Mastermind.

We are wrapping up this week’s accountability sprint, and we will not be having a session tomorrow. I am planning to bring it back to our wisdom gym soon, but it needs more workshopping.

Tomorrow’s events:

  • Stoic Breath w/ Steve Beattie. Everyday Sunday @ 10:00 AM ET.RSVP here

  • Flowing With Unknowingness w/ Tyson Wagner. Every Sunday @ 8:30 PM ET. RSVP here. 60 mins.


November 14, 2020

In the first conversation I had with Jordan Hall, I sheepishly asked him to be my mentor. After I asked that, the first thing he asked me was this: how is your relationship with your wife?

I was surprised by this question, but it is starting to make sense to me why he asked this. In yesterday’s session of Nina Power’s series at The Stoa, called Men & Women: The Future of Love, Sex and Friendship, we discussed marriage, and I mentioned this line I heard from Jordan Peterson when he was discussing marriage:

You take someone who is just as useless and horrible as you are, and then you shackle yourself to them, and then you say we're not running away, no matter what happens.

I am starting to really miss my former therapist, as I enjoyed his unapologetic masculine thumos. I recall in one of our sessions, I was meekly going on about something, and he blurted out the following …

Get better.

That is exactly what I needed to hear, in that way, about that situation. Yeah. It is time to get better. Camille and I went to this cool coffee shop today, got a cortado and latte respectively, and wandered around and philosophized for a good part of the day. It was leisurely, and I agree with Josef Pieper that the basis of philosophy is leisure.

We were philosophizing about getting better, and we teased out some really good intrinsic and instrumental values that we have as a couple. It was a wonderful talk.

Most normie couples I know base their relationship on the pleasure principle. The basis of their relationship is unexamined, and they hang out with one another to pleasure themselves around entertainment, food, and anti-natalistic sex. I am not saying these are “bad” things in themselves, but to treat them as intrinsic values for an “us” is the wrong move. 

I am going to leave now, and go hang out with my dad, and play chess with him. I am probably going to take a break from writing daily here as well, but knowing how unpredictable the daemon is, I might be back here tomorrow bleeding real in front of you once again.

I will probably not be writing tomorrow though. I may return to daily writings soon, or maybe once-a-week might be a better rhythm for me. I do not know. I will keep sending daily updates on events happening at The Stoa, but that may start to annoy people, and I may stop doing that soon as well. We do have an event calendar for those who want to unsubscribe from this mailing list.

As I said yesterday, it is time for me to get into the right relationship with my most important relationships, and by doing so I will be getting into the right relationship with you.

I hope reading this encourages you to attempt to do the same, as I deeply desire for all of us to get better.