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May 16, 2020

I just like listening to the daemon, not doing his admin work.

I sent that to Rachel Haywire, that hot as fuck philosopher queen, when she was complaining to me about doing website administrative work for her creative project. I totally get it. I was just talking to Adam Robbert, that incredibly handsome philosophy king, about this as well. He's currently wrestling with a slew of administrative annoyances for the upcoming launch of The Side View.

These days I am getting bombarded by daemon inspired ideas all the time, and it is a strong preferred indifferent of mine not to do the administrative work required to manifest these ideas. I am more than capable of doing administrative work, and being organized is part of my talent stack, but I am so uninspired by it. During my previous normie work career, I was totally an office fauna dying a slow death from bureaucratic agony.

Somebody should give me a medal in goldbricking my way from paycheque to paycheque. That was something I was talented at. But becoming talented at bullshitting myself and others is something I never got good at. Exacerbated by Learning and Development initiatives, the existential labour of a 9 to 5 was deeply unbearable. In any event, I ultimately failed to be good office fauna, and that is okay because it's not where the daemon wants me to be.

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