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August 8th, 2021

Normal. We are not going back. I hope that is clear by now. You are here now, and I feel that you are here, and I feel you sense what I mean when I say normal is not coming back. For some of you this sense might be buried deep, because the sense that normal is not coming back—and that it was probably never here—is a frightening prospect to really feel. 

Where are we heading? Nobody knows. Those in power have a plan, but that plan is still a plan and it is probably not going to work. This is up to us to figure out. I know, this is a big ask. Who are we anyway? Well, just feel into your life for a moment, and the power you wield, and the power others wield over you. Yes, individually we are pretty powerless.

And confused. We are really confused. I have been beating on this confusion drum since day one in these journals. In this dizzying complexity we are all confused, not just about what to do with all the world's problems, but about what to do with all of our personal problems.

I know some of you who are reading this now. I do not know most of you though, but I do know you have problems. These problems could be visible and clearly articulable, perhaps even something you can feel a sense of pride from. But most of your problems will be invisible, not clearly articulable, perhaps something you feel embarrassed and ashamed about.

That is cool. I honor your problems. I honor all of our problems. They are all intertwined and entangled. I have not given up on us. I cannot give up, because I am one of us. We are here, together, with all of this. Of course, knowing one’s responsibility space is important. I am not responsible for your particular problems, and you are not responsible for mine.

We are still responsible to each other though, to do what we can with what we have, with where we are. The powerless and confused can have a surprising power and clarity, and it is not going to be obvious or unified on the surface. It is here though. Just slow down, listen for the thing, then take the next step. Make that next step really beautiful, and feel into every aspect of it.

You do not need some fancy philosophy, or applause from others. You do not even need anybody knowing what you've done. You just need to take a beautiful step. It can be your secret, but I will also know. You know what I am talking about. You may feel what I am feeling right now, and you are not feeling into me. If you do not feel this, you will soon.

Now breathe, and begin as if you are just starting, because you are.


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