Reality Tunnel Dance Hall

Tomorrow’s events:

  • Praxis to Collective Wisdom: Presence, Warm Data, and Insight w/ Bonnitta Roy, Nora Bateson, and Ria Baeck. August 6th @ 1:30 PM ET. RSVP here.

  • Shame Breakthrough Bootcamp w/ A.J. Bond. Every Thursday @ 6:00 PM ET. RSVP here. 60 mins.


August 5, 2020

The Stoa is about to get weird.

Weird. adjective. “of strange or extraordinary character.”

Yeah. Let us get weird. 

I sense the “unique selling proposition” of The Stoa is that you cannot collapse it into a unique selling proposition. I do not want one. I do not want to be memetically fossilized. I am a simple man after all, with a simple plan: ride through the noosphere and shamanically summon the daemon.

Street epistemologists, wadley mappers, practitioners of emotional effector patterns, and those who are liberating structures have been invited to The Stoa. Many “we-space” wonks will be invited as well. And I want to seduce all the memetic tribes, along with their reality tunnels, to come out and dance. The Stoa will be a reality tunnel dance hall. The tribes will dance, mingle, and sloppily make out, probably after getting high on a breathwork session.

The meta in me nourishes my desire to explore while the Stoic in me allows me to explore without getting triggered. A perfect combo to host such a dance hall. So now is the time to invite your friends and lovers, because the music has started, and unknowingness is awaiting. The best kind of weird is when we get weird together.


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